How to keep your hybrid project team engaged

As the project manager, you are the link to all stakeholders and project team members. If you used to work in the same physical office, with an open office layout and co-located teams, you benefited from high bandwidth communications. Not just you, but the entire team talked to each other, brainstormed and solved problems much … Read more

Have you attended a consultative meeting where the decision has already been made?

Last week, two friends were invited to a consultation but it turned out that the decision had already been made by the top person. The consultation was only for show. After having volunteered with this organization for over a decade, they will start to withdraw and eventually end their association. Similar “consultative” meetings occur in … Read more

How a project that delivers on time, on budget, and within scope can be a failure for the business

The year is 2000. In a daring move, General Motors decides to revitalize its brand with a concept vehicle. Initial market response to the bold new look of the Pontiac Aztec was very positive. It was the “Most Appealing Entry Sport Utility Vehicle” according to JD Powers. Customers gave the Aztec among the highest satisfaction … Read more

Project Managers as Servant Leaders

Servant leaders can be seen at all levels of an organization. Here’s an example of servant leadership from the highest level. This event is seared into my memory for life! It was after lunch at an all-day leadership meeting. We were chatting away at our table, oblivious to the dishes and leftovers. The CEO walked … Read more

An Effective Hybrid Meeting Solution

Some of us are returning to work in the office, some continue to work from home, and others are permanently remote. Welcome to the world of hybrid meetings! During the peak of the pandemic, everyone worked from home and we got used to 100% virtual meetings. That was easy, ahem, after: we got used to … Read more

Help! My Project was Sabotaged

Early on in my career, my project was sabotaged. I will spare you the details but, in the end, after a setback and delay, the project was completed, and it was profitable. Looking back after decades, I find it interesting how senior professionals and even management can sometimes scuttle a project due to self-interest or … Read more

Interested Parties, not Stakeholders

In response to my post on How to Solve Stakeholder Management Problems, a reader responded that the term stakeholder has negative connotations to many Indigenous Peoples. In her comment, Denise Tregear suggested replacing stakeholder with the terms “Interested Parties” or “Partners” instead. While it’s true that words have many meanings and I struggle to write … Read more

Stakeholder Management – A PM Tip

Stakeholder management is the biggest pain point experienced by project managers. In my survey of project professionals, 80% of respondents mentioned it as a challenge or problem that poses risks to the success of their projects. This resonated with the broader PM community. When I posted the list of common stakeholder management problems to the … Read more