Which Project Management Certification is Best?

which project management certification is best

In today’s competitive business environment, project management has become an essential skill set for professionals across various industries. Earning a project management certification can help you enhance your skills, demonstrate your competence and commitment, and boost your career prospects. With so many options available, it might be overwhelming to decide which certification is the best … Read more

Brace for Impact

When the pandemic and the government was doling out cash, we were happy for the support. But the additional money circulating in the economy created demand at the same time when supply chains were disrupted. More demand and less supply led to inflation. In response, the Bank of Canada started raising interest rates in March … Read more

An Effective Hybrid Meeting Solution

Some of us are returning to work in the office, some continue to work from home, and others are permanently remote. Welcome to the world of hybrid meetings! During the peak of the pandemic, everyone worked from home and we got used to 100% virtual meetings. That was easy, ahem, after: The benefits of 100% … Read more

Help! My Project was Sabotaged

Early on in my career, my project was sabotaged. I will spare you the details but, in the end, after a setback and delay, the project was completed, and it was profitable. Looking back after decades, I find it interesting how senior professionals and even management can sometimes scuttle a project due to self-interest or … Read more

Does My Thinking Add Value?

I had two different laser coaching conversations this week about “thinking too much.” John, not his real name, said he constantly thinks about future possibilities and how projects could unfold. He thinks this is a weakness. My response was to evaluate the value add of this thinking. If you catch yourself in a cycle of … Read more

No one ever told me to “Train Up”

No one ever told me to, “train up,” said a client who made a successful transition into a desired industry. The truth is you remain at the same level until you demonstrate that you have the capabilities to perform at the next level by delivering above expectations. That’s when others, especially your boss, takes notice. … Read more

I don’t think I’m providing much value

“I don’t think I am providing much value to you,” I said to a client who has been seeing me for a while. Then I went ahead to share a bunch of project management knowledge resources. “But Wan, I think you are providing great value,” was the response. There’s obviously a disconnect. What was I … Read more

The time to worry is 3 months before…

According to Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic: “The time to worry is three months before a flight. Decide then whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying. To worry is to add another hazard.“ Likewise, for project managers, the time to worry is … Read more