Is the Olympics the Longest Lasting Program in Modern History?

Like every other Olympic event, Tokyo 2020 is a mega project, likely a portfolio of projects involving sectors as diverse as construction, sports, event management, marketing, transportation, and in 2021, healthcare. Cities who host the Olympics benefit from an injection of funds for infrastructure projects for public transportation and sports arenas. Within the triple constraint … Read more

The opposite of what you suck at is …

Failure acts like a compass to your success. To recognize what you’re great at, acknowledge and accept what you’re bad at. The ego thinks it can be good at everything but in reality we all have strengths and weaknesses. To build a great team, each player needs an area of specialization. Surround yourself with people … Read more

We are all human BEings; BE one.

I was humbled when a client told me, “I interviewed 7 international coaches, including some with 25 to 30 years of experience, before choosing you. They were successful individuals and speakers, but I felt like I was speaking to a robot. On the other hand, I could relate to you as a human being, someone … Read more

Roll Your Project Credits

Your project organization chart is like movie credits. Make sure you include the name of every single person who contributes to your project. But unlike movie credits, do this at the start of your project during the kickoff meeting. This is paying it forward and ensures that every single project team member will be ready … Read more

The 80-20 Approach to Backlog Grooming

It’s okay for your backlog to be disorganized. After all, you pile every new requirement, user story, and request into it when you say, “I’ll add it to my backlog.” If you fully organize your backlog and assign every item into a future sprint, you are approaching it with the traditional project management mindset i.e. … Read more

Learning from Warren Buffett

My favourite Warren Buffett quote “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.“ Learn a lot, every day; apply a little, every day I was going to write about Warren Buffett’s 25/5 rule. The story goes: “Warren Buffett’s personal pilot asked him for some … Read more

LEAN-ing into Great Customer Experience

How do you get from an average 8 to 80 vaccinations an hour? Cut down on movement and eliminate queues. In the traditional model, clients go from registration, to a waiting area, to the place where they receive the shot and finally to where they recover for 15 minutes. In the new “hockey hub” model, … Read more

Do You have the Right Sponsor?

Ask a random person on the street who a sponsor is and you’ll probably hear something like, “Someone who provides financial support for a cause.” After all, most of us have been asked to donate to sponsor someone to raise money for a charity. In the case of project management, the sponsor is typically the … Read more

Risk Management Elements

What are the risks versus benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine? By now, you likely have made your own personal risk assessment and decision. I am not trying to change your mind. Like you, I have had to make my own decision. In a sense, the whole world is undertaking a massive risk management exercise. … Read more

Are Clients Stakeholders?

The 2010 Winter Olympics will forever be scarred by the death of an Olympian even before the opening ceremony. Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, crashed in the final turn of the track during a training run and was killed. The track was simply too fast. Even the gold medal favourite, Italy’s Armin Zöggeler, came off his … Read more