Strategic Project Management for Senior Leadership Teams

Senior leadership teams play a crucial role in guiding and overseeing projects, ensuring they align with organizational goals and deliver value to stakeholders. However, creating a high-level project work plan that meets the expectations of senior leaders can be challenging, as they often require more than just cost and completion time estimates. They need a … Read more

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tool Selection

How to Choose Wisely and Gain Executive Buy-in In the dynamic world of project management, where multiple projects are in motion simultaneously, having the right tools to manage and oversee these endeavors is paramount. As the leader of a Project Management Office (PMO) tasked with delivering corporate projects across an organization, your role demands efficiency, … Read more

Effective Resource Management Strategies for Project Managers

Resource management stands as one of the key areas in project management. It’s the art of allocating, tracking, and optimizing resources like time, money, and human capital to ensure project success. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly straightforward task lie a myriad of challenges that project managers grapple with daily. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Live Like a Millionaire

On August 24, 2015, the stock markets around the world nosedived. The S&P 500 sank by 11% from a high in May, meeting the definition of a market correction. Having fired my financial planner a year ago, I was motivated to check how my retirement savings were affected. After logging in, I used a handy … Read more

Sweet Spot

What does it mean to live out of your sweet spot? As chance would have it, one night as I was YouTube surfing, I discovered Tift Merritt, an up and coming singer-songwriter who wrote a song called Sweet Spot. It starts off with this line, “Nothing fancy, nothing fake.” When you live from your sweet … Read more

Discover Your Callings

How do you discover your calling? You simply pay attention, listen and remember when someone asks for your help, literally calling for your gifts to be exercised. My kids ask, “When is dinner ready?” That reveals my calling to feed my kids. Taking care of the basic necessities of life for me and my dependents … Read more

Discover Your Passions

Most of us had things that we naturally loved to do as children. Somehow or other, the demands of school and making a living caused us to lose touch with our deepest desires. Here are a few questions to help you reconnect with what gives you life: Create a list. You don’t have to do … Read more

Discover Your Talents

The first step in the journey of personal growth is to discover your talents. There are many books that talk about many ways to discover your talents. Let’s take a simple, pragmatic method: make a list. Take a blank sheet of paper and list ten talents you have. List ten more to get to twenty. Put … Read more