Risk Mitigation and the Art of Putting out Fires with Coke

What does project risk mitigation have to do with putting out fires with coke? Well, firstly there is the risk of fire breaking out at home, in a vehicle, at the office, wherever you are. The typical way to mitigate that risk is to have a fire extinguisher nearby. However, fire extinguishers cost more than coke, need to be serviced every few years, and so not many people have practised how to use one effectively.

In comparison, coke is cheap, so you can purchase many bottles and put one in the car, one in every room of your home, and one at your workplace. Because it is cheap, you can also practise putting out campfires using coke. Here are the steps:

  1. Unscrew the cap
  2. Cover the spout with your thumb
  3. Shake the bottle
  4. Use your thumb to direct the spray by releasing a small gap
  5. Point towards the base of the fire

Coke and possibly other fizzy drinks are effective in putting out fires because they have pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2), up to 1,200 pounds per square inch. A note of caution though: coke bottles are not approved fire extinguishers so cannot be used to satisfy fire safety regulations. Only use it after fire code requirements have been met as an additional mitigation.

Disclaimer: this article is for entertainment purpose only. Please consult your local fire chief and department for fire safety advice.