Work Wiser #3: How to be creative under pressure

Not only are we in December, this is also the week before Christmas. So by now, your project goal must have been met. If not you should be close, very close. If you’re not close and don’t have a plan, you need to be super creative to come up with a solution to help get your project across that finish line. This close to the project deadline, the tendency is to be constantly thinking and worrying about that project and this may cause you to lose sleep at night. In order to break this cycle of worry and stress and sleepless nights,please watch my video from last week on how to handle year-end project stress and prevent burnout.

Today. I’d like to share with you a tip on how to boost your creativity and come up with a solution to bring a project across that finish line. The answer is to be bored. Yes to do nothing and be bored. Researchers at the University of Lancashire challenged a group of participants to come up with as many uses as they can of a pair of plastic cups. The group that won was previously assigned to read the phone book. So if you need to come up with a creative way to get your project across that finish line turn off your phone, turn off your TV and your computer. Don’t listen to music or read a book instead, just sit or lie down and stare into space.

If you have a fireplace, light a fire and look into the flames. if you don’t have a fireplace, switch the lights off light a candle and stare into the flame. When you feel tired, go to bed the next morning when you wake up see if any ideas float to your consciousness, Write them down immediately. If you like this tip be sure to connect with me hit like and share. Thank you for watching.

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