Cat Herder or Project Manager?

Are you a project manager or a professional cat herder?

Are you a project manager
Or a professional cat herder?
Do you sometimes feel
Like a project babysitter?

When your technical team members
Don’t communicate much
Don’t tell you whether they are making progress
Or encountering difficulties

They think they are acting professional
When they hide their problems
And try to resolve them on their own
Without asking for help
The more senior they are
Especially if they are team leads
The less likely they are
To tell you their struggles

You can’t just assign tasks
And assume that they will be done on time
You email, use online messaging
You phone, schedule meetings

But you don’t want to
Come across as a micromanager
Because that’s not who you are

If only you can get them
To be responsible to deliver
To be accountable for delivering
Without being held accountable

And to let you know
When they have problems
Sooner rather than later

You need to build them into a team
Not just individual contributors
But mutually accountable team members
Who care and support each other
Without you needing to babysit

I can guide you to transform
Solo contributors into a high performing team

Are you ready to metamorphosize
From cat herder to become the professional PM you are?