Work Wiser #1: Rest Well to Work Well

We’re now in December and it’s likely the busiest month of the year because many projects have deadlines at the end of the year. Your to-do-list may be overflowing your project team could be tired and discouraged, and they may be thinking that the project goals are not attainable and unrealistic. Your project sponsor could … Read more

Career Planning using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Dissatisfaction Powers You Up Maslow's Hierarchy

All I need is a good job then a better job. Why bother with career planning? Isn’t it just a waste of time given that the world is volatile, uncertain, and always changing? The simple answer is without a goal, your career could meander along and opportunities could pass you by. Having a career goal … Read more

Servant Leadership: A Profitable Project Management Leadership Style

Not only is servant leadership a highly effective project management leadership style, it is also highly profitable! Southwest Airlines is often touted as the model servant leadership corporation. Its founder, Herb Kelleher, embodies the philosophy of putting employees first. The highly engaged, low-turnover employee base has generated 47 consecutive years of profitability as of January … Read more

Project Change Management: Buy-in vs. Engagement

A helicopter buzzed overhead, shattering my peace as I sat in my backyard patio on a beautiful summer weekend. I could hear loud chanting and drumming not too far away. Parked cars lined the usually empty main road. Some streets were blocked by police. It was 2018 and I live on Burnaby mountain, right next … Read more

Burnout – How to Recover

Burnout starts gradually and it may be hard to notice. Work and life are challenging. At any point of time, you may have a few burnout symptoms. Then a project deadline looms, a difficult assignment takes more time, or a project risk materializes into an issue. Before long, and without you noticing, you have five … Read more

Burnout from Work

Burnout from work is a real problem, especially during a pandemic. I enjoy creating videos. So two weeks ago, I looked forward to producing a 30 minute video. In my mind, I thought it would take one to two days at most. I started with energy and enthusiasm. But I had missed a planned day … Read more

5 Project Management Skills for the Future

Metamorphosis is a metaphor for transformational change

It’s 2020 and the world is changing. The post COVID19 world is going to be different from the pre-COVID world. The only question is, “how different?” With this volatile change, one thing is certain: the project management skills that got you here are not going to be enough for the future. Entire economies have been … Read more