How many failures before Edison gets fired today?

In many project management offices, the term “smart failure” is shunned. It’s not smart to be associated with any project or initiative with even a hint of failure. Thomas Edison begs to differ: On progressive elaboration, iterative development, and lessons learnt:• Results! Why, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things … Read more

We are all human BEings; BE one.

I was humbled when a client told me, “I interviewed 7 international coaches, including some with 25 to 30 years of experience, before choosing you. They were successful individuals and speakers, but I felt like I was speaking to a robot. On the other hand, I could relate to you as a human being, someone … Read more

Roll Your Project Credits

Your project organization chart is like movie credits. Make sure you include the name of every single person who contributes to your project. But unlike movie credits, do this at the start of your project during the kickoff meeting. This is paying it forward and ensures that every single project team member will be ready … Read more

Learning from Warren Buffett

Learn a lot, every day. Apply a little, every day.

My favourite Warren Buffett quote “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.“ Learn a lot, every day; apply a little, every day I was going to write about Warren Buffett’s 25/5 rule. The story goes: “Warren Buffett’s personal pilot asked him for some … Read more

Are Clients Stakeholders?

Death in the Olympics. The 2010 Winter Olympics will forever be scarred by the death of an Olympian even before the opening ceremony. Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, crashed in the final turn of the track during a training run and was killed. The track was simply too fast. Even the gold medal favourite, Italy’s Armin Zöggeler, came off his sled. A Romanian luger was knocked unconscious for brief moments. Even officials reportedly voiced concerns.

Work Wiser #11 – Leave Your Westview

Corporate Westview is not an Anomaly

Spoiler alert! Stop now if you haven’t watched all the episodes of Wanda Vision. Wanda is a very powerful Avenger. She could have single handedly destroyed Thanos in Endgame if Thanos had not rained down fire onto the battlefield. Wanda’s psychic power is connected to her emotions…

Project Manager Jobs: A Gaze into the Future

PM Jobs: A Gaze into the Future

The World Economic Forum released The Future of Jobs Report in October 2020. In it, project manager ranked 11th in the top 20 jobs in increasing demand across all industries. That’s good news for PMs, but what are the 10 roles listed above project management jobs? What are the top 20 jobs in decline over … Read more

Zoom Tips for Project Managers

Zoom tips for project managers

Mastering Zoom is part of your project management communication skillset, one of 5 Project Management Skills for the Future. This is an update with of a post from last year. I will cover some additional Zoom tips and tricks for common scenarios that you may encounter, including: How to set up a host-less Zoom Meetings … Read more