Hybrid work is here to stay

Nick Bloom predicts that U.S. workers will spend a quarter of their time working from home in the next 10 years. The economics professor at Stanford University says, “I talk to hundreds of companies about remote work, and 95 percent of them now say they’re going hybrid, while the other 5 percent are going full … Read more

What is the value of this report or presentation?

Project managers tend to spend lots of time preparing reports and presentations. Then they spend more time finessing them. If the focus is on data, insights, and recommended action, that is time well spent and the expected value is good decisions. If, however, the focus is on fonts, icons, and margins, spending hours on these … Read more

Culture Eats Projects for Breakfast

MBA students learn that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” a famous quote from management guru Peter Drucker. Here’s a pop quiz: Does your culture have rigid vertical reporting structures a.k.a. silos? Yes(0), No(1) Does your culture have cross functional teams working on projects? Yes(1), No (0) Does your culture have decision making frameworks spanning departments? … Read more

Complexity versus Scarcity

According to Peter Drucker, “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” He didn’t say that time is easier to manage than budget or scope. Depending on the project, the most complex thing to manage could be the budget, the scope, the quality, or the people. However, you … Read more

We’ll Ask for Estimates and then Treat Them as Deadlines

When can you deliver this project? Before you answer that question, ask a few questions yourself: is there a sponsor? has the budget been approved? solution designed? vendor selected? What you’re trying to communicate by asking a few questions is: A project sponsor is critical to success; Without a budget, you can’t start, and that … Read more

Lowest Bidder, Highest Cost

Often, a project is awarded to the cheapest provider who underestimates and underbids to win the job. They stretch their means, usually their people, to deliver the ends. When the sponsor negotiates for a lower price, they should also be asking if they are also getting discounted scope? They probably are. If re-work is required or the … Read more

Career Development: Prioritize Yourself

There is never a bad time to take a stock of your career and envision your future goals. The end and the start of the year are natural times to do so. Here, I share two exercises to tap into your feelings, creative and imaginative faculties to reflect and shape your future. Once you have … Read more

No December for Project Managers

If you have projects that run on a calendar year, plan as though December does not exist. Plan to deliver your project by November 30, not December 31… unless you want to work between Christmas and New Year. Things start to slow down in mid-December. Key stakeholders and executive sponsors may start taking their year … Read more

7 Questions to Build Your Team’s Resilience

We are in the final two months of the year and it’s peak time for your team to deliver their projects. At this point in time, it’s not only their technical skills and experience that matters, but also their resilience. How can you give your team a boost in resilience? Get them together (virtually perhaps) … Read more