Hybrid work is here to stay

Nick Bloom predicts that U.S. workers will spend a quarter of their time working from home in the next 10 years. The economics professor at Stanford University says, “I talk to hundreds of companies about remote work, and 95 percent of them now say they’re going hybrid, while the other 5 percent are going full … Read more

Culture Eats Projects for Breakfast

MBA students learn that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” a famous quote from management guru Peter Drucker. Here’s a pop quiz: Does your culture have rigid vertical reporting structures a.k.a. silos? Yes(0), No(1) Does your culture have cross functional teams working on projects? Yes(1), No (0) Does your culture have decision making frameworks spanning departments? … Read more

We’ll Ask for Estimates and then Treat Them as Deadlines

When can you deliver this project? Before you answer that question, ask a few questions yourself: is there a sponsor? has the budget been approved? solution designed? vendor selected? What you’re trying to communicate by asking a few questions is: A project sponsor is critical to success; Without a budget, you can’t start, and that … Read more

Program Manager: Operations or Projects?

The role of Program Manager exists in many organizations but there is some ambiguity around whether this is an operational-type role or a project-based role. What is the difference? In my experience, operational Program Managers are more widespread than project-based ones. There is no end date to operational programs. The Program Manager is expected to … Read more

What is the value add of a project manager?

The value add of a project manager tends to be missed if you do a good job and everything goes smoothly. If a project was a one-year international road trip, the project manager: Maps out the entire journey Foresees problems along the way e.g. forest fires resulting in road closures, bad weather necessitating slower speeds, … Read more

How many failures before Edison gets fired today?

In many project management offices, the term “smart failure” is shunned. It’s not smart to be associated with any project or initiative with even a hint of failure. Thomas Edison begs to differ: On progressive elaboration, iterative development, and lessons learnt:• Results! Why, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things … Read more

We are all human BEings; BE one.

I was humbled when a client told me, “I interviewed 7 international coaches, including some with 25 to 30 years of experience, before choosing you. They were successful individuals and speakers, but I felt like I was speaking to a robot. On the other hand, I could relate to you as a human being, someone … Read more

Roll Your Project Credits

Your project organization chart is like movie credits. Make sure you include the name of every single person who contributes to your project. But unlike movie credits, do this at the start of your project during the kickoff meeting. This is paying it forward and ensures that every single project team member will be ready … Read more

Learning from Warren Buffett

Learn a lot, every day. Apply a little, every day.

My favourite Warren Buffett quote “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.“ Learn a lot, every day; apply a little, every day I was going to write about Warren Buffett’s 25/5 rule. The story goes: “Warren Buffett’s personal pilot asked him for some … Read more